Why this blog?

Why this blog?

Always and forever, granddaughter of Italian immigrants, consummate style fashionista and a foodie, I find beauty in a simple meal, a destination, architecture, fashion and spaces –just to name a few.   Perhaps my grandparents passed on the travel “gene” to me during their voyage to America in the 1930’s. Travel gives me a front seat to the beauty in countries, cities, villages and the people inhabiting those spaces.

Regardless, I find that my travels have given me a front seat to the simple beauty found in the countryside of Tuscany, the arrondissements of Paris, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, and the list goes on and on. Travel is education. I believe it reveals an intellectual curiousity, that begs for more. As a curious soul, destinations, people, culture, architecture, markets, and ethnic foods speak to me. The more I explore, the more I yearn to do so.

As a Director of Human Capital for many years, I am now taking the knowledge, wisdom and lessons learned (aka transferrable skills) to my next journey, travel liaison. Always having a destination on my calendar, excites my soul. Travel nourishes the mind, body and soul. Join me-no age limit!

Wanderlust, passion for travel (near and far), and sharing the journey with you – is the reason I’ve put pen to paper.  Exploring new lands, tasting amazing foods, finding gems at the top of a mountain peak and learning that the world is connected – no matter the distance –  gives such pleasure to me.
As such, I am hoping that following my journey  gives you ideas, destinations, and hidden spots to visit on your next adventure.  Traveling in a group, solo, for business or pleasure, I have found each journey changes me. And, I will continue sharing my thoughts, experiences, recommendations and gems that I have found along the way!

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