Day Five

Day Five – Island of Solta, Croatia

Solta is an exquisite island, heaven on earth, while only being a 40 minute ferry ride from old town Split, Croatia.   The one regret I have on day five of our trip is that we didn’t spend the entire day on this peaceful island.  It is a destination that I will return to for a three day stay – at least!
Our guide, Višnjica Čerič, predsjednica, lives on the island of Split six months of the year; upon visiting Solta one quickly understands the reason for her choice of homes.  Višnjica Čerič met us at the port once our ferry arrived to Solta.  Since Solta is famous for its olive oil, aka  Soltanka or Levitanka, meaning lady from Solta, we enjoyed an olive oil and wine tasting, followed by a tour of famous naive artist residing on the island, Vicko Buktenica (
I wasn’t familiar with the term naive artist – and upon asking the question to our guide found out it means “painter from the heart”.  Vicko Buktenica is known for recognizable, rich colored motifs with an abstract manner in his works.  He is also an artist that gives back to the community by teaching children the art of painting and expression.
The island is lush with vegetation, clean air, crickets, roosters, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia: Sesua, Tatinja, Jorga, Stracinska, Senjska and Donna Krusica.  During our brief visit to Solta, we experienced such a warm welcome by Višnjica Čerič, her family and the artist, Vicko Buktenica that we are returning to the island for a few days and will make sure we visit this heaven on earth again!   IMG_3731

Moja Solta

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