Hitting the pause button at Mii Amo, Destination Spa, Sedona, AZ

Hitting the pause button at Mii Amo, Destination Spa, Sedona, AZ

Self-care is the most important “best practice” we give ourselves.  However, life gets in the way, big-time; We’ve  become so busy with our to-do lists, responsibilities, and obligations that we’ve forgotten who drives the bus. Need to hit the pause button? Time for reclaiming your own life?  Reframe your focus and consider Mii Amo, Destination Spa Resort in Sedona, AZ. https://www.miiamo.com/

Generations known as the Sandwich Generation ask themselves, “am I giving my children enough of my time, energy and love – and then my aging parents? I have witnessed so many of my family and friends giving to the point that they have forgotten about themselves.

Hiking Warrior, Sedona, AZ

Researching wellness retreats and spas, https://www.miiamo.com/  was the destination of choice, proudly rated #1 by Travel & Leisure, 2018.  Located in the red rocks of Boynton Canyon, Sedona with access to Warrior and Kachina Woman Spires, these vortex centers provide a total focus on you.

Journeys are optional at Mii Amo: three, four or seven days transformational experiences that focus on your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being!

Highlights of my personal journey at Mii Amo shared below:

Best memory and lasting impression: Ramiro (has worked for Mii Amo for 14 years) kindly stopped to speak with me and gave me a brief tour of the red rocks from a higher elevation. Not only was he kind, he knew the names of each blade of grass, flowering plant and tree.  His kindness made my trip. Forever grateful!

Service and attention to detail: Michael, waiter at Mii Amo Cafe, never missed a beat on providing the best service in the cafe and poolside.  And, called us by our names the entire stay!

Access to Warrior and Kachina Woman, right on the property.  Water bottles are mandatory.

Memorable gifts were on our bed every evening that reminded us to reflect on the venue, the purpose of our stay and self.

Welcome from Mii Amo staff upon arrival by Yvonne.  Welcome Orientation, the first evening  for all guests by General Manager, Jim Root and team.

Sedona Havalinas (aka wild hairy pigs, rodent family). My first encounter with these havalinas was on a solo walk on the property.  Next sighting was a clan of havalinas right out front of Mii Amo.   https://www.arizona-leisure.com/javelinas.html

Treatments by practitioners were focused specifically on the individual with take-aways for continued care.

Mii Amo’s venue, practitioners and selection of activities offer each guest a unique experience, custom designed by you!  Looking forward to next time. 

Ramiro from Mii Amo


Always about the details!

Hiking Warrior

Poolside, Mii Amo


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