Valpo, Chile: seaport of steep inclines

Valparaiso, or “Valpo”, as the locals call this port city on the Chilean coast, is one of the Pacific Ocean’s most important seaports. During the 19th century European immigrants left their signature on the city’s architecture and cultural institutions. Today, Valpo continues to be a distribution center for container traffic, copper and fruit exports. The city is known for its bohemian culture, with festivals every year and street artists that design the most amazing murals.
CasaBlu, located in the heart of Cerro Alegre, affords a panoramic view of the Valparaiso Bay. “Perched on Cerro Alegre, its floors have been carefully restored, preserving the traces left by its former inhabitants. English, German and Italian immigrants, travelers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists and even the ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ community of Paulist nuns all arrived in Valparaiso to stay, captivated by the non-stop buzz of the port and enamored by its hills, elevators and staircases” (
Our stay at CasaBluValparaiso was memorable, the people kind and generous in spirit, and a view that begged you to stay.

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