Explore the Enchanting Medieval Streets of Uzès, France

Explore the Enchanting Medieval Streets of Uzès, France & Sample Delicious Cuisine

Uzès, France is a historic city located in the Gard region, Southern France. Founded in the 6th century, Uzès has a rich and varied history that dates back to the Roman Empire. Throughout the centuries, Uzès has been a major center of trade and culture. Today, Uzès is a vibrant town with a lively atmosphere and plenty of things to do and see. Tourists can explore the city‘s cobbled streets, visit the Uzès Cathedral, and soak up the atmosphere in Place aux Herbes. The city also has a great selection of restaurants and shops, making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

A few suggestions for your time in Uzès, France:

  • Explore Uzès Historic Center (stop by Information Center for a map)
  • Uncover the Enchanting Medieval Streets
  • Visit the Duché D’Uzès Palace (135 steps each  way to reach top of tower)
  • Taste the Local Cuisine: La Petite Table –  L’Atelier des Saveurs –  La Table de Mathilda – Le Bistrot de l’Isle or Le Petit Bonheur
  • Visit the Uzès Cathedral and admire the magnificent Gothic Architecture
  • Relax at Place aux Herbes
  • Tour the Haribo Museum

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Tip: when you arrive in the city there is a parking garage to the right of the street. Day parking available.

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