Discover the genius of Chef Jon Taub

Discover the genius of Chef Jon Taub’s Supper-at-Bub’s in Washington, DC

People cook; Chef Jon Taub creates a love affair with food. He titillates, teases, stimulates and leaves your palate in a confused state of ecstasy. His creations are genius.
Chef Jon searches for the highest quality food sources, be it seasonal vegetables, above sushi-grade scallops from Cape Cod, wine pairings and the list goes on. Chef Jon creates a gastronomical dining experience in his sandwich shop-by-day, transformed into a five-star restaurant on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. These coveted reservations–limited to six fortunate patrons per evening will blow you away.
Last night, we had the privilege and honor to enjoy Chef Jon’s nine-course menu. They paired courses with carefully selected libations. My personal favorites last night were the Roses with Foie Gras and Pistachio, the Scallop with Aloe Vera and Finger Lime, and Red wine with Eggplant.
Don’t take my word; experience supper-at-bubs for yourself.

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